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For independent music community

Retroengineering is a high quality mastering solution based in Nantes, France. Runned by Tony C (Chevreuil, PercevalMusic), it offers the best results for digital masterings. Retroengineering does audio mastering for supporting Artists & Independent labels in this weird world. Here, …

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New Amphion Systems

We invest in a new speakers system Amphion Two18 + AMP500 + BaseOne25 with silver cables & A Xilica XP3060 processor to calibrate the sound in the room. sounds good!!!  

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Retroengineering Files Transmitter

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RetroWagon Audio Testing

The Caravelle Tourbus Station Auditorium is the best way to test all masters on the road before delivering!  

High-Quality mastering solution

Retro Engineering

Story About Us

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Retro Engineering

Retroengineering is a high-quality mastering solution based in Nantes, France.
Runned by Tony C (Chevreuil, PercevalMusic), it offers the best results for digital masterings.

Retroengineering does audio mastering for supporting Artists and Independent labels in this weird world.
Here, there is not any robots and presets when we compare it to the new automatic-mastering online solutions as LANDR, Cloudbounce or Aria…. and many more!

We provide high-quality audio mastering for musicians and labels around the world.

We are a mastering studio, putting maximum attention on details.
We use the best gear possible and invested in it years after years.

Analog mastering outboards and digital processing combination will add the ultimate « finishing touch » to your recording, creating a magical experience that can be replicated to the digital analog domains, for CD, iTunes, streaming, or vinyl.

Do not hesitate to come and test our services!

And when you’re ready to take your recording the next level, send us a message to discuss about your project and schedule a mastering session.

Retroengineering already worked with artists and labels such as College, Mansfield Tya, Passe Montagne, Room 204, Sexy Sushi, Emma Zunz, The John-Pauls, Gordz, Boy and The Echo Choir, Vierge, Violant Kop, Vicious Klub, Warrio Record, Je Demain, Africantape, RuminanCe Records, Effervescence, Humpty Dumpty Records, Sickroom Records, Valerie Records, Futur Records, Invada Records, Teona, Euphrate Records, SK records and many more…

Please, contact us to have more information about booking, conformity, etc…


micro mastering


WAVE NATURE Rackspace Serie

MYTEK 8-192 + DIO Pro Tools HD

AVID Pro Tools HD Native PCI-E

Apple Mac Pro Double Quad-Core Intel Xeon (Westmere) à 2,4 GHz 32Go ram (Mountain Lion | SSD Samsung 840 Pro)
Apple Cinema HD Display 23″

Antelope Isochrone OCX

Dangerous Music Dangerous Compressor
Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Steinberg Wavelab Pro 9.5
Avid Pro Tools HD 11 Native

Brainworx Bx_Master Desk
Dangerous Bax EQ
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Black Box Analog Design HG-2 Flux Audio Solera3
Softube / Weiss EQ1, Weiss Deess, Weiss DS1-Mk3 & Weiss MM1 Maximizer
Izotope Ozone 8 Advanced
Izotope RX4
Izotope Alloy 2
MeldaProduction MMastering Bundle
Metric Halo Channelstrip 3
Metric Halo TranscientControl
Softube Saturation Knob
Native Instrument Driver
Native Instrument Supercharger
Avid Smack!
Avid Maxim
Avid ChannelStrip
TL Space
Waves Gold Native Bundle
Waves J37 Tape
Waves Kramer Master Tape
Waves L3 Multimaximizer
Waves Linear Phase Multiband Compressor
Waves MaxxVolume
Waves OneKnob Pumper
Waves SuperTap
Waves TueVerb
Waves Renaissance Bass
Waves One Knob Pumper

ADPTR AUDIO Metric AB MeterPlugs Loudness Penalty MeterPlugs Perception
MeterPlugs Dynameter
Brainworks TT Meter – Dynamic Range Meter
Bx_Meter – Dynamic Range Meter
Izotope Insign
Melda Production MLoudnessAnalyzer
Kanghelm VUMT Solo & Duo

Amphion Two18 +Amphion Amp500
Amphion BaseOne 25 + Base Amp
Amphion speakers cables
Xilica XP 3060 processor
Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus 805 Signature
Audioanalyse A9
Abacus C-Box3
Dangerous Music Source
Ultrasone PRO900

retro mastering tony chauvin



(Files sent via https://fidbak.audio/retroengineeringmastering/fidbot )

(We use a professionnal service for the transfer of your masters)

Tracks: 50 €

Package 5 tracks:  230€̶̶

Package 10 tracks: 460€̶̶

Package 15 tracks: 650€̶̶

*With a Package, additional tracks: +40€̶̶ / song

(Package included DDPi)

24bit Master 2 files (1 per face): (For Vinyl Production at another facility) These are 2 singles 24bit files assembled as SIDE A & B: 100€̶̶ 
(Included + datasheet .pdf file + 2 simulations audio files 1 per face)
*in addition to a conventional mastering,

MFit (Apple Digital Masters) 24bit 44,1-96khz: +25€̶̶ / song
*in addition to a conventional mastering

MP3 version: +10€̶̶ /song
*in addition to a conventional mastering

DDPi 2.0 file set: +50€̶̶

PMCD (Redbook CD-R) CD-Master : +30€̶̶

Mixing Option : Contact us to have cotation


Here our Fidbak player with a lot of samples!



https://www.masteringcredits.com/profile/Tony Chauvin


Adrien Kanter, All At Sea, Almonte, Boy & The Echo Choir, Cassie Raptor, College, Chevreuil, Danse Musique Rhône Alpes, Del Rio, Dinner With Matt Gilchrest, Emma Zunz, Faustine Seilman, Gordz, Les Sales Tongs, Limbo Lake, Maud Geffray, Master Master Wait, Muddigger, Mansfield Tya, Passe Montagne, Percevalmusic, Rebeka Warrior, Romain Marsault, Room 204, Sexy Sushi, The John-Pauls, The Rabblers, U-Boat, Uzi Freyja, Vierge, Vimala Pons, Violant Kop, Vicious Klub…

Recording & mixing Engineers:

Steve Albini, Lionel Darenne, Miguel Constantino, Krikor, …



Aagoo Records, Africantape, RuminanCe Records, Effervescence, Humpty Dumpty Records, Sickroom Records, Valerie Records, Futur Records, Kythibong records, Invada Records, Teona, Euphrate Records, SK records, Rockerill Records, Bitchy Prod, We Are Shark Records, Warriorecords, Wild Youth Records, Je demain…


Constantino Recording, Electrical Audio, Studio LaFrette, Ohm Studio…



Cloches sous pression – Charles Dubois and François Dufeil (Label: Autoprod)

King Q4 – Percussions synthétiques Vol 1, 2, 3 (Label: Autoprod)

Maund Geffray – Free Fall (label: Warriorecords)

Danse Musique Rhône-Alpes – Potion Trouble (label: Warriorecords)

Je Demain « compilation » – Innerclub (label: Je Demain)

Rebeka Warrio and Marlène Saldana – Showgirl ( label: Warriorecords)

Cassie Raptor – 1984 (Label: Warriorecords)

Dinner With Matt Gilchrest – Desperate Flotsam (label: DWMG)

Vimala Pons – Eusapia Klane (labels: Warriorecords, Kythibong)

Uzi Freyja – EP (label: Warriorecords)

The John Pauls – Les Bon Mots ( Label: Aagoo records)

Romain Marsault – Le Mortier Japonais (labels: Un Deux, Burning Church, Abandon Album, Schmalzgrus, Kizmiaz records, Madame Rêve, Super Loto Editions)

Faustine seilman – The Nightwatcher (label: Autoprod)

Dinner With Matt Gilchrest – EP (label: DWMG)

The John Pauls – Forget to remember to forget ( Label: Aagoo records)

Chevreuil – « Sport » (label : Ruminance Records and Sickroom Records)

Mansfield.Tya – « S/T » (label: Teona)

Room 204 – « S/T » (label : Effervescence)

Percevalmusic – « Viescolaire »(label : Effervescence)

Boy and the echo choir – « and-night-arrives-in-one »(label : Humpty Dumpty Records)

College – « Secret Diary » (label : Invada record – Futur Records- Valerie Records)

Maethelvin – « S/T » (label : Valerie Records)

Chevreuil – « Chateauvallon » (label : Ruminance Records and Sickroom Records)

Mansfield.Tya – (label : Téona – Wagram)

Passe Montagne – « Long Play » (label : Ruminance Records and Sickroom Records)

Passe Montagne – « Extended Play » (label : Euphrate Records)

Gordz – « Super 100% » (label : Ruminance Records)

Chevreuil – « Ghetto Blaster » (label : Ruminance Records & Sickroom Records)

Sabo – « Huit saisons à l’ombre » (label : Ruminance Records)

Emma Zunz (label : SK Records)

Vierge (label : Diagone)

Vicious Klub – « You sound so bitter » (label: Bitchy Prod)

Violant Kop – « From stadium to garage » (Bitchy Prod)

Percevalmusic – « Recueil du mal » (label: TC)

Master Master Wait – « Modern War » (Rockerill Records)

Violant Kop – « Uptight » (Bitchy Prod)

Soakin Sampler Vol 1 (Soakin Records)

Our services

What we really can provide

ampli mastering


Mastering is the final creative step in the recording process to produce a record album or a single for disc, home music server, iPod™, broadcast or internet delivery.

It consists in help the project reach its full potential, and optimizing the end product for all possible environments.

Advenced compression and equalization techniques for all styles of music.

Sequencing, leveling, processing, encoding, PQ Coding and Master preparation.



For the mastering session, we will need:

  • Your song order
  • Any information you have about what you’d like to achieve
  • Any song spacing notes
  • ISRC if you have it,
  • CD-Texts, EAN/UPC, Metadata to insert on your DDP Files or CD-master
  • Please note your files with a number, like the order of your tracks
  • We accept sample rates between 16 Bit / 44,1 kHz & 32Bit float / 192 kHz
  • We prefer stereo interleaved wave files .wav, but we accept split mono files .aif
  • Please don’t send us Mp3 files
  • Create a finished mix with at least -3-6 dB of peak headroom for delivery to mastering
  • Don’t use too much compression on your master bus (It’s better without compression)
  • Keep some « air » on your mixes 2 seconds before the beginning of the song and 2 seconds at the end
  • Bounce your tracks in the same format as you worked in
  • Don’t use « normalize » or any « dither » when you bounce or export
  • We don’t believe in the « stems » mastering process, a good mix can sound great after a good mastering process.
    We think « stems » just procrastinates the moment of choice.
    We believe in the work of recording engineer and mixer, we prefer a position after this practice to give your mixes the best possible sound.
    (90% of the time, artists are present on mixing sessions, not on mastering sessions!)
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