28 novembre 2018

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FREE Audio Mastering Service – Complete overhaul of our business model


Today is black Friday !

Retroengineering takes this opportunity to announce a complete overhaul of its business model!

We decided to create the very first, completely free, mastering studio, with the best service!

This sounds crazy but it is true!!

Retroengineering does audio mastering for passion!
The race for profitability is no longer appropriate when we compare it to the new automatic-mastering online solutions as LANDR, Cloudbounce or Aria.
We just realised that we are operating in an extremely competitive sector.

We provide high-quality audio mastering for musicians and labels around the world.

We are as professional as any other paying mastering studio, putting maximum attention on details.
We use the best gear possible and invested in it years after years.

Analog mastering outboards & digital processing combination will add the ultimate « finishing touch » to your recording, creating a magical experience that can be replicated to the digital & analog domains, for CD, iTunes, streaming, or vinyl.

Do not hesitate to come and test our services, nothing will be charged!
The only trouble you can face will be booking a session as this service is in very high demand !

And when you’re ready to take your recording the next level, send us a message to discuss about your project and schedule a mastering session.

Retroengineering, professional mastering for everyone!
Tony For Retroenginnering
professional mastering for everyone!